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Are you struggling with problems caused by some type of addiction?

 God can help!



We offer a program of regularly scheduled meetings that is known as All Addictions Anonymous (AAA) that can

provide you with an opportunity to talk through your personal issues with other folks who know about the difficulties

you may be facing because they've been there themselves, and they know that you can overcome them with God's

help. Here is some information about the program:


What is All Addictions Anonymous?  All Addictions Anonymous is simply old-fashioned Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), as

 adapted for all addicts and all addictions. The recovery program of AAA is based on the Twelve Steps of the original program

 of AA. AAA members are distinctive in their acceptance of a suggested program of Four Absolutes, Twelve Steps, and Ten

 Points, designed for personal recovery from addiction.


What is an Addiction?  In AAA an addict is one whose actions have become harmful — habitual — and compulsive.

 Addiction is a degree of abuse; the addict simply has a habit he or she can’t break — compulsion has become irresistible.

 What are the Requirements for Membership?   There are no requirements for AAA membership. Anyone may join,

 or resign, at any time. To succeed in the AAA way of life, this is what you should do:

    1. Go to meetings.   

    2. Be appointed a sponsor.

    3. Learn the Four Absolutes, the Twelve Steps, and the Ten Points.

    4. Learn to practice these principles in all your affairs. Do this, in your own way and with a sponsor, in your own time —

        but do it — and your chances of permanent, lifelong recovery are very high — pressing 100%.

You are not alone in this, but you will have to take the first step.  For more information call 479-331-0399 or 479-747-5256,

 or go to this website: