Dover church of Christ  

    Overview of Our Local Ministries

Allen & Marilyn Veasman               Sid & Karen Womack Chris & Cyndie Loper


The Dover Church of Christ is a very active church. Like the church of the first century, its primary emphases are evangelism, edification, benevolence, fellowship, and worship (Acts 2: 37-47). This page is your guide to who is leading what in the ministries of the Dover Church of Christ. This can be helpful if you are trying to find yourself in the work of one or more ministries. We urge your involvement in at least one ministry.


The Dover Church of Christ is scripturally organized under the local leadership of three elders:  Allen Veasman, Sid Womack, and Chris Loper. Seven deacons and three additional ministry leaders provide the first-line supervision of the church's ministries. The listings of the ministries below are grouped with the elders who work most closely with those ministries. Ministries that report to the entire eldership are listed last.



Ministry name Ministry description Ministry leader(s) Helpers Elder(s)
Benevolence Basic financial or material assistance to needy people; Food pantry, Russ Bus. Donny Forehand Charlene Clark, Kelli Hottinger, Amanda Besterfeldt, Rhonda Horton, Diane Walters (1), Billy Walters, Carin Vaughn, Chris & Cindy Loper Chris Loper
Youth Out-of-class programs and fellowship for youth Brent Hottinger, Chris Besterfeldt, Micah Williams Chris Moss, Tristen & Janie Stamps, Adam Leavell Chris Loper
Building and grounds Maintenance and repair of building; upkeep of grounds Allen Veasman, Chris Besterfeldt, Michael Robbins Allen Veasman, Richard Smith, Rick Hollis, Doug Gross, B. J. Chance, Greg Widner, Marion Helton, Chris Loper,Gary Williams, Jeff Myers,Alan Boatright Allen Veasmen
Education Bible classes for children and adults; puppets; childrens' church Donny Forehand Diane Walters (1), Diane Mitchell Walters (2), Karen Womack (missions), Charlene Clark, Richard & Sharon & Elizabeth Smith Sid Womack
Visitation Visitation for sick, bereaved, and delinquent members Donny Forehand Charlene Clark, Kelli Hottinger, Chris & Cyndie Loper; Jeff & Connie Myers Sid Womack; Eldership
Fellowship and Involvement Fellowship and closeness for members; special events; getting all members involved in one or more ministries of the church Donny Forehand Diane Mitchell Walters, Leigh Anne Forehand, Cara Willaims, Carin Vaughn, Keri Letyson, Charlene Clark, Connie & Jeff Myers Allen Veasman
Missions Truth for Today, Search, Southern Christian Home, ATU Church of Christ Student Center, Camp Caudle, World Bible School, Prison Ministry, Nicaragua. Michael Robbins, Rex McDaniel, Chris Moss Karen & Sid Womack, Charlene Clark, Jim Morrison (Nicaragua), Jeff & Connie Myers (Nicaragua), Rex McDaniel (WBS), Joyce Walters (WBS) Sid Womack
Able Samaritans Organizing efforts to provide disaster relief. Considered part of benevolence. Michael Robbins, Allen Veasman Chris & Julie Moss, Greg Widner, Chris & Cyndie Loper, Charlene Clark Allen Veasman
Lads to Leaders Intense religious instruction toward a theme culminating in an annual national fellowship meeting of youth Chris Moss Chris & Jullie Moss, Diane Mitchell Walters, Karen & Sid Womack, Tristen Stamps, Cara Williams Sid Womack
Finance Budget-setting during December, looking at the coming year; Accounting aspects for budget thereafter. Chris Loper Michael Robbins, Charlene Clark Eldership
Mass Media Mass media exposure including the website and Lifelines. Merrell Shoptaw, Chris Moss, Sid Womack Michael Robbins, Sid Womack Eldership
Attendance reporting Record-keeping of attendance; coordination with visitation ministry Chris Besterfeldt,  Charlene Clark, Kelli Hottinger Diane Walters #1 Eldership
Worship Management Personnel and organization of worship services Merrell Shoptaw, Micah Williams, Chris Loper Jeff Myers Eldership
Office Communications & clerical Charlene Clark, Kelli Hottinger Alaynna Williams, Karen Womack, Joyce Helton, Cara Willaims, PLatty McAlister Eldership
Annual Ladies' Day Planning, Organization, and Assessment of Ladies' Day Activities Charlene Clark Diane Mitchell Walters, Connie Myers, Bobbi robbins, Mary McAlister Eldership
Dorcas Ministry Sewing for Community and Nicaragua; Smile Boxes for Nicaragua Karen Womack Karen Womack, Charlene Clark, Sandra Boatright, Diane Walters 1, Joyce Walters Eldership
Christ-based Weight Loss Program

Group support for better health and weight loss .

Meets 5: 30 PM Sunday

Theresa Motley, Connie Myers Bobbi Robbins, Leigh Anne Forehand, Charlene Clark, Amanda Besterfeldt Eldership
Celebrate Recovery Program Help and faith-based support for those going through trying circumstances. Jeff & Connie Myers   Eldership
3A Recovery Group Spiritual counseling and help for addiction issues Micah Williams, Theresa Motley   Eldership

Allen Veasman (479-331-2156)

Sid Womack (479-967-2367)

Chris Loper (479-331-3313)


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