The Able Samaritan Program


The Navy has its Able Seamen, and the Dover church of Christ has its Able Samaritans. Our Able Samaritans helped in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and just recently we've returned from a trip to help our brethren in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. We have helped people who were victimized by the tornadoes that ravaged Arkansas and our neighboring states for the past several years.

Alan Boatright, Michael Robbins, and Allen Veasman have agreed to serve as coordinators for this effort.  When a need arises, they gather information from the communities affected by the storms and formulate an overall design for the project, expressed as a series of job tickets to guide the work. The job tickets will describe where the job is, what it involves, how many people it should take, and what tools are required.

 Our capacity to help is influenced by the distance from Dover, the type of help needed, and the kind and extent of equipment that might be needed to help in a given crisis. If you are interested in participating or if you need help, please contact the church office.




The Dover Church of Christ telephone number is (479) 331-3428.

The author of this web page is Sid Womack, (479) 970-7098.