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We are a group of young people in grades 7-9 in Dover, Arkansas, who enjoy serving Jesus Christ and enjoy having Christian friends while we are doing it. Our website is here to tell people about what we are doing.

Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes is something we focus on especially in the winter and early spring of the year. Many of the pictures on our site have to do with what we did in Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes during the last year or two. There is much more to tell about what we do at the Dover, Arkansas church of Christ, than just Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes.

We have done Saturday trash pickups. We do rake-n'-runs in the fall, helping older people who cannot rake their own leaves. We go Christmas caroling. We helped with Angeltree and helped shut-ins. We enjoy being of help to people, especially people who are not able to help themselves. Soem of us recently helped with the Nicaragua Smile Boxes which are being sent to South America. We recently had a "trunk or treat" in our parking lot. Ethan completed reading the New Testament this year; he also worked in the food drive and mowed a neighbor's yard. Pressly is working on reading through the New Testaament this year and helped with the food drive. William volunteered with the Lions Club and like Ethan and Pressly, served on the Lord's Supper table.

We have some very good teachers for our classes, LTL events, and special projects. These kind of events help us be closer to our families. It is good to study the Bible with our parents, brothers and sisters, and grandparents. They make us closer as a church. For most of us, our best friends are church friends.

We enjoy being together!

The Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes Overall Theme for 2013: "Here am I, send me!"

We think the book of Acts has a lot to offer us. The book of Acts shows us how people became Christians in the first century and how Christians' lives were different from the world. The book of Acts has many good examples of how Christians ought to live.

Bible Bowl Book for 2012-2013: Acts

Developed by Pressly, Gavin, Elizabeth, William, and Ethan, with a little technical help from Bro. Sid.