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A. Adultery, fornication, homosexuality, gambling, morals

B. Baptism, reasons for, who is eligible, etc

C. Confessions, both of sin and of Jesus Christ

D. Diligence to do God's will

E. Evangelism

F. Friendliness, doing good

G. Gethsemane-Christ's death, burial, resurrection

H. House of God, the church

. I. Old Testament Survey material

K. Faith, works, grace, and the love of God


L. Life and teachings of Christ

M. New Testament Survey

O. Worship, including music, but not giving

Q. Handling God's Word Rightly; also Christian apologetics


R. Christian homes, family relationships

S. God's love for man

T. Nature of God/Godhead


U. Comparative Religion.


V. Special for Church Leaders


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