Joel-Prophet of the Pentecost

Few texts could be better placed in time than our study of Joel. Amid many predictions of Armageddon and of the end of the world, the Bible gives us the best and only way to understand our present and our futures.

Date: difficult, but probably about 835 B. C. (1) The argument of silence is that no reference is made to the demise of Israel in 722. (2) Amos, a definite eighth-century prophet, seems to have borrowed some material from Joel. (3) Pheonicia, Philistia, Egypt, and Edom, which Joel mentions, were prominent nations in the ninth century B. C. but not in the eighth.

Theme: Great and terrible day of the Lord. 2: 1, 28, 29, 32.

I. The Lord is trying to get your attention!

A. The past day of the locust (1: 1-12)

B. The past day of the drought. (1:-20).

C. Question: Have there been times in your life when you tried to do something and it seemed like something kept holding you back?

1. Like Numbers 24 when Balaam was supposed to curse Israel, but he could only pronounceblessings on it.

2. Like Haaman when he wanted to do harm toMordecai, but he ended up leading him through the city in honor?

3. "God moves in a Mysterious way, His wonders to perform" we sometimes sing.

4. Is the Lord trying to get your attention?

5. Hebrews 12: 1-6.

II. Prophecy of the imminent invasion of Judah (2: 1-11)

A. Conditional promise of the salvation of Judah

B. Real righteousness is revealed in 2: 12-14.

C. David says close to the same in Psalms 51.

D. Hosea 6: 6.

E. Last events before the terrible Day of the Lord.

F. What the last day will not be:

1. Forecast by men (Mark 13: 32-37)

2. After a literal thousand year reign. Rev. 20: 1-10.

3. A second chance for the un-repentent to finally come around. Hebrews 9: 27, 28.

4. A time for Jesus to sit on the throne of David or even to set foot on earth. See Acts 1: 9-11 and Revelation 1: 7.

III. Judgments and restorations

A. Judgments on the Gentile tormentors (3: 1-15)

B. Restoration of Judah (3: 16-21)

IV. Three messages of preparedness: Matthew 25.

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