Zephaniah bears some resemblance to Nahum and Obadiah in that it is a book of no hope against the coming "house cleaning" that the Lord is about to do. It is different from Nahum and Obadiah in that at least mentions repentance, and, towards the end, in its third and final chapter, it talks about restoring the fortunes of spiritual Israel. It must be talking about the remnant or spiritual Israel in 3: 14 since the dating of the book is about 625 B. C. and "Israel" if it were the Northern Kingdom has been gone since 722.


God starts with the sins of Judah, during the time of Josiah. Anytime God's writings begin with words about power and might and anger, it is not good for the addressees of the letter. He will allow Judah to be crushed. But for the faithful--for those who might happen to still be listening to the prophets that God was sending--their ears could tingle at the news that Gaza and Philistia, Moab and Ammon, Ethiopia and Assyria, were all going to "get theirs." After the "house cleaning" is over, God will restore the fortunes to the remnant that He believes they deserve.




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