It Is Finished

by Ray King

"It is finished," John 19: 30. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. That's what it says--God CREATED the heavens and the earth. It does not say "God made the heavens and earth. No does it say that God xeroxed the heavens and the earth or built or developed or massproduced. No, the word is "CREATED."

It says a lot. Creating is different than constructing. The difference is pretty obvious. Constructing something engages only the hands whlle creating something engages the heart and the soul.

You've probably noticed this in your own life. Think about something you have created--a painting, or poetry you have never shown anyone. How do you feel about it? Good? I hope so. Proud? Even protective? You should--part of your life's in it. Something you put yourself into--a quilt--a dress? It is an expression of you!

Let's try to imagine God's creativity. Of all we don't know about the creation, there is one thing we do know. He did it with a smile. He was pleased.

Hanging the stars in the sky--stripes on a zebra--gold in the sunset. What creativity! Stretching the neck of a giraffe! or creating the flutter in a mockingbird's wing. Maybe, like a whistling carpenter in is shop, so intent was His creativity that He took a day off at the end of the week, just to rest.

And then He made man. God began with a mound of dirt and ended up with an invaluable species called humans--bearing the stamp "in His image."

The Greatest Creation came from a loving CREATOR and became a rebellious CREATION.

The Devil of a snake led Adam to his fall, an act of rebellion. God is still compassionate. God tries many things to get man to listen to Him. For example:

All of these things are ingenious, but they do not compare with what is to come.

Nearing the climax of the story, God, motivated by love and directed by divinity, surprised everyone. He became a man. He became a carpenter and lived in a dusty Judean village. Determined to prove His live for His creation, He walked though His own world. His calloused hands touched wounds and his compassionate tongue touched hearts. He became one of us!

God wanted man to hear, to listen. He tried many ways (Hebrews 1: 1). But as beautiful as the act of incarnation is, it is not the zenith. All the earlier acts of love had been leading up to this one. Angels hushed--heavens paused to witness the finale--GOD ON A CROSS. The Creator being sacrificed for the creation. God convincing man--Forgiveness follows Failure.

I wonder if whle on the cross, Jesus thought about the beginning.

"It is finished." And Jesus went home. He is not resting, though. Word has it (Bible) that He is preparing a city for us if we are prepared.

Self denial can seem like a gloomy topic. Jesus declared that if a man would follow Him, he should deny himself, take up his cross, and become a disciple.

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