Pat McAlister


“Too often we go along, vaguely unhappy or discontent about something, without stopping to figure out what’s really bothering us. The people who can identify what’s making them irritable have two choices. One is to do something about the situation. The other is to accept it and learn to live with it.” Source Unknown


When you are unhappy do you know why? Do you try to find out and do something about it or do you like to keep it inside? Do you want to live in a constant simmer, never really knowing why you feel this way? When we are unhappy we need to look to God for help. He will help us solve the problem or He wi ll enable us
to live with the situation. Then we can put it to rest. Anything is better than a constant simmer!


Our life here on earth can be enjoyable. God gives us each day as a blessing. We can ruin it or make something nice out of it. We can’t be a pessimist or a worrier. Focusing on someone else, rather than self, can often help more than anything else. We should be encouraging and up lifting to others. We can’t do this when we are seething or simmering about something in our own life.


There are many situations in life that we can do nothing about. Being able to determine that and learning to live with it makes us a happier person. Certainly trying to change something or someone that can’t be changed can lead to a life of misery. God doesn’t mean for us to be miserable. There is too much good to enjoy while we have the chance.



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