Lines for Ladies
By Pat McAlister

More Than a Mole

Alec, my grandson, has always been fascinated with moles. I guess this began when he was about three years old. One, or more, moles had made havoc in my yard.
He wanted me to dig it, up. He wanted to see the creature. I told him we would look it up in the encyclopedia. So, during each of his visits we would get the “M” book out and look up the mole. The picture looks much bigger than the mole actually is.


Moles are fast but very small.It works out better now that Alec is older and taller. He gets the book out for himself. During this holiday visit I found the book
on the coffee table. (He can reach it to get it out but not to put it back!) This made me realize that he is still fascinated with the



Most of us have wondered why God made mosquitoes. The same goes for moles. Why did God create moles? Moleskin is lightweight, warm, soft and thick. At one
time it was used to make coats and jackets, but it does not wear well. They eat mainly worms and insects. They seldom eat plants, but their digging often spoils lawns, gardens and fields. The mole’s front paws turn outward which allows them to shovel their tunnels. It is almost blind, but it does not need keen vision in its underground tunnels. Also, it does not have external ears, but hears very well anyway. Its nest may be several feet underground. It comes near the surface searching for food. This is what we see on our lawns.God probably made the mole, as He did many other animals and insects, to keep us from being over-come with worms and insects. Nature is a wonder in itself!


A mole’s life if not to be envied. He is always in darkness. We can be like that, too. When we let “things” in our lives take us away from God, we too, will be in
darkness. We were created to be the light and to glorify our Creator. Unlike the mole, we know we were created for a purpose; God’s purpose. “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” (Eph. 2:10)





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