Lines for Ladies
By Pat McAlister



Not long ago we had a singing and prayer service on Wednesday evening rather than our classes. Several of the men lead some
beautiful songs. Jim Killer led one of his favorites, “I’ll Be a Friend to Jesus.” We have sung that song many times but I never thought of the words like I did that night, and since then. We talk so much about how we want to be a friend of Jesus.

We want Him to love us, answer our prayers, guide our lives and so forth. But, do we ever say or think, as this song goes,
that we will be a friend to Jesus? As far as friendship goes we know we must be a friend to have a friend. Does this apply to our friendship with Jesus? Not exactly the same, is it? He will love us no matter what. We can eventually lose our friends by disappointing them. Jesus become disappointed also, but if we truly ask forgiveness, He will forgive.


They tried my Lord and Master,
With no one to defend;
Within the halls of Pilate
He stood without a friend.

The world may turn against Him,
I’ll love Him to the end,
And while on earth I’m living,
My Lord shall have a friend.

I’ll do what He may bid me;
I’ll go where He may send;
I’ll try each flying moment
To prove that I’m His friend.

To all who need a Savior,
My Friend I recommend,
Because He bro’t salvation,
Is why I am His friend.

So, let’s concentrate on being a friend to Jesus. If we could live like the words of this song, we would definitely be a friend to Jesus!


The verse goes:

I’ll be a friend to Jesus
My life for Him I’ll spend;
I’ll be a friend to Jesus,
Until my years shall end.



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